Permaculture Design Deck 2021

Created by Delvin Solkinson

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Beauty in Completion : Part 1 Permaculture Pioneers
5 days ago – Sun, Aug 07, 2022 at 07:47:23 PM

"The creation of a thousand forests is in one acorn."

- Ralph Waldo Emerson

A song of gratitude from the coastal rainforests British Columbia in high summer. 

Endlessly appreciate you pre-ordering a Permaculture Design Deck. Joyed to have raised over half the funds needed to produce the deck with pre-orders. Without this support it would never have happened. We are starting to ship the decks out with great love! 

Joyed to have the new cards with box and booklet to send out to all of you.

 To celebrate the 'beauty in completion', a principle of cultural emergence created by Looby Macnamara, I wanted to share a few highlights and milestone moments of the 20 year creation of the Permaculture Design Deck. This will come in two parts, the first expressing gratitude to some of the key mentors, teachers and inspirations for the project.  For lack of space I just chose a small number to share here and am entirely grateful for all my teachers and mentors along the way who are all credited in the deck itself.
  The project began in 2002 with my first Permaculture Design Certificate Course and being fascinated by the principles. I taught my first PDC casually to a couple friends later that year and visioned a set of cards sharing the principles. I discovered a set of cards from Robin Clayfield sharing principles which became a core inspiration to expand the deck and take it to the next level.

All portraits shared here we commissioned from the extraordinary Ben Tour

    Studying with her in Australia, then again many years later in the UK was transformative and evolutionary. This marked the source inspiration for the deck that we share today. Robin and I corresponded by zoom and email during this new creation of the and collaborated to add many more of Robin's principles and tools to the new version of the deck.

A social permaculture apprenticeship with Robin the UK. Photo by Dana Wilson.

   Early iterations of the project received feedback from Bill Mollison during my Masters Degree with him.

Portrait by Ben Tour

   It was amazing to take his PDC in Melbourne and spend time with him on Tagari farm in Tasmania.

Learning from Bill Mollison 1:1 on Tagari Farm in Tasmania. Photo Nicholas Mann.

   Geoff Lawton was on the PDC with Bill, and I travelled the next year to study with Geoff Lawton at Zaytuna for a teacher training, further evolving my permaculture principles list.

Learning with Geoff Lawton in Australia.

   The project developed with much mentorship from permaculture pioneers over the course of three diplomas, a masters and doctorate in permaculture education including 13 teacher trainings and 13 advanced courses. Everywhere I learned I took good notes and paid particular attention to principles and tools.
  Another of the most influential teachers that helped evolve the project with plenty of mentorship and critical feedback is Rosemary Morrow.

Portrait by Ben Tour

   Taking teacher trainings with her in Australia and the UK was followed by a life changing PDC in rural Greece. 

Rowe giving feedback on an early version of the deck in Greece. Photo by Dana Wilson.

   Another milestone moment for the project was during a Teacher Training at the Bullock's Homestead with Sam & Doug Bullock , David Boehnlein and Michael Becker.  I came back many years later to an Advanced Permaculture Training there and get more input. 

Sam Bullock checking out the deck on Orcas Island.

   Soon after meeting Grace in 2015 we began work on a vastly updated edition beyond anything previously imagined. This was created and kickstarted in 2018 after I took an Advanced Permaculture Planning and Process course with David Holmgren and Dan Palmer where I met Brenna Quinlan. 

Portrait by Ben Tour

   Travelling to Melliodora to learn directly from David Holmgren on two occasions was a massive upgrade to my permaculture understanding and yielded much learning that would become cards.

Learning with David Holmgren & Su Dennett.

   A considerable influence, inspiration and wisdom source for the project is Starhawk.

Portrait by Ben Tour

  Taking a Social Permaculture course in BC, then a social permaculture apprenticeship in the UK was life changing.

Starhawk perusing an early edition of the deck.

One of the greatest inspirations for the Permaculture Design Deck and source of many cards is the extraordinary Larry Santoyo.

Portrait by Ben Tour

   I did two teacher trainings, a master class and a non-accredited Doctorate under the mentorship of Larry Santoyo. The newest version of the deck is a core project for my current Post-Doc in Permaculture Education.

With Larry in 2021 on a rooftop in New York.

   Another amazing mentor and teacher who has taken the project to the next level is Looby Macnamara. 

Portrait by Ben Tour

   I travelled to the UK to study with Looby twice and did a 3 year Diploma with her as my tutor. The permaculture design deck was one of 10 designs for my Diploma. 

With Looby at Applewood in the UK in 2022.

   There are so many more teachers to honour! I took so many in person trainings and received much mentorship over the decades on this project. In this light I consider the project a community collaboration.
  I will mention one more beloved teacher who contributed in significant ways to the newest 2022 edition by contributing a number of wisdom gems and new principles not previously included.
   Joyed to visit Graham in 2017 to recieve his wisdom directly in Scotland. 

Portrait by Ben Tour

We were happy to return this year to explore his forest gardens and spend time soaking in his wisdom.    

With Graham in Scotland this year

There have been many many different versions of this deck. Each is a huge evolution above the previous, rewritten and redesigned for clarity and effectiveness. 

In the next installation of this 'beauty in completion' celebration of highlights of this project's co-creation we will share a bit about our trip to the Emerald Isle where the new set was rewritten, edited and polished.
  Bright eyed
  Delvin & Grace

Shipping : Permaculture Design Deck
7 days ago – Sat, Aug 06, 2022 at 10:12:00 AM

So come to the pond, or the river of your imagination, or the harbour of your longing, and put your lips to the world. And live your life.” – Mary Oliver

Blessed Friends of our World

We are joyed to have come to the final phase of our project, fulfillment!

So appreciate all of you kickstarting and backing this project to literally make it happen!

These massive 230 card decks will be sold for $97 USD + shipping so you were able to get them at a far discounted rate than anyone else.

Normal tarot decks are 72 cards and we co-created a 230 card deck in a box with a booklet. It’s a pretty large box and weighs about 1.5 kg.

Thanks soooo much for supporting our grassroots initiative to produce this deck, and ship it directly to you ourselves with love.

You can pay for shipping through backerkit. It may automatically charge those who already put credit cards into the system or it may send another email first. Those who did not yet put in a credit card will have to go into backerkit and complete the survey.

We figured out the rates for shipping on the cheapest tracked air mail from Canada Post.

Those outside of Canada, USA, UK and Australia, and those who ordered 10 packs, we will contact you directly and set up a specific payment listing in backerkit.

Single Deck

Canada $21 USD


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Three Decks

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Bright blessings of glowing gratitude

Delvin & Grace 

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Address Confirmation : Permaculture Design Decks ready to ship
8 days ago – Fri, Aug 05, 2022 at 09:45:55 AM

Be present in all things and thankful for all things.

- Maya Angelou

Friends of our World 

Grateful beyond words for your support of the Permaculture Design Deck with a pre-order. We raised more than half the cost of production and printing with pre-orders so it would not have happened without each and every one of you.  As learning guild we all collaborated to manifest a new Permaculture Design Toolkit for the world!

Time to finalize your current address. You can do this on backerkit and kickstarter. Please also send a short email to with the address or simply a note that your address on kickstarter or backerkit is confirmed. We want to make sure we are mailing to the most updated and correct address. 

We will send a note about shipping costs separately. 

kind gratitude 

Delvin & Grace

Here at last and ready to ship.

kind gratitude

Delvin & Grace

Toolkit Upgrade : Permaculture Design Deck
11 days ago – Tue, Aug 02, 2022 at 03:26:59 AM

"Instructions for living a life. Pay attention. Be astonished. Tell about it." - Mary Oliver

Friends of our World 

Greetings from British Columbia, Canada where we got an advanced copy of the Permaculture Design Deck and did the first activation with dear friends on the Sunshine Coast. 

Sunshine Coast Design Deck Activation
The cards look beautiful. Box and book are also perfectly matched to our visions.

We engaged a foray teaching at Earth Wisdom Centre, North-West of Edmonton. Here we used the cards with a group for the first time. 

Solar Dragon off-grid natural building at Earth Wisdom Centre
Class in the Solar Dragon workshop space with the cards.

Joyed this toolkit is about to be back in play for you all of you who have so patiently waited for us to make the best version we could. It was amazing rewriting all the cards in sacred stone circles in Ireland. Also great to get so much mentorship and collaborate with some permaculture pioneers, especially Robin Clayfield and Graham Bell to put in many many new principles, tools and frameworks. 

The cards have had a few week delay in shipping but we expect them to arrive soon and aim to ship these out before too long. After we have the cards in hand we will send out exact shipping costs and a payment request for this, along with a request for finalizing addresses to mail to. No one has been charged for shipping. Some have inputted their credit cards but they have not been charged yet. Others have not put in their credit cards yet. Regardless, everyone will learn the shipping costs for final acceptance before paying.

We just ordered the eco-friendly shipping supplies. Its happening! 

A thousand blessings

Delvin & Grace