Permaculture Design Deck 2021

Created by Delvin Solkinson

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Latest Updates from Our Project:

Growing Gratitude
8 months ago – Sun, Dec 26, 2021 at 12:20:27 PM

Be present in all things and thankful for all things.” - Maya Angelou

A chorus of gratitude from the New Hampshire coast where we are enjoying a snowy journey through the holydays. 

Forging forward on the Permaculture Design Deck in alliance with beloved permaculture pioneer Robin Clayfield, the source inspiration for the deck from Australia.

Portrait of Robin Clayfield we had commissioned by the amazing Ben Tour

Enjoyed collaborative writing on my birthday at Robert Frost's Farm.

Writing at Robert Frost's old farm

Joyed to help Robin share gems from her lifetime of nature wisdom and creative group facilitation

 Here is a short unreleased video we made from recent online discussions with Robin Clayfield. 

Also spent time at America's Stonehenge doing some principles writing at the standing stone aligned with Winter Solstice. 

Writing at America's Stonehenge

Joyed to continue learning from permaculture pioneer Graham Bell from Scotland. 

His principles have had an enduring affect on our work. 

Deeply and profoundly grateful for your support of our grassroots initiative with a pre-order. The deck will be spectacular in its beautiful box and with a booklet sharing ways to play. 

During these intense times, its so powerful to feel connected to a growing network of conscious creatives. Each one of you is a special part of the global permaculture movement, shining and sharing gifts that are unique to you alone.

Grace sends loving gratitude for life. Portrait by Ben Tour

Growing gratitude for our alliance in this work. Not only will we yield a beautiful printed deck, we will also create a download shared freely with the world community. 

Delvin bows low with loving gratitude. Portrait by Ben Tour

Permaculture Passages
10 months ago – Sun, Oct 31, 2021 at 09:56:07 PM

A chuisle mo chroi 

Pulse of my heart

Deepest of thanks for supporting the Permaculture Design Deck with a pre-order. This grassroots crowdfunding is making the impossible possible with this huge, 260+ card deck in a linen covered box with a booklet to match its companion Permaculture Design Notes Book and Game.

The deck is progressing steadily. the most recent 2018 edition's 230 cards were rewritten at sacred sites in the Emerald Isle and are now in the design file. The next step is blazing forward into expanding the deck. 

"Time is but the stream I go a-fishing in." - Henry David Thoreau

Exploring the serene autumn at Walden Pond for collaborative writing from a distance with visionary permaculture pioneer Robin Clayfield the source inspiration for this project from the beginning.

New cards for the upcoming Permaculture Design Deck inspired by her innovation and wisdom are taking this toolkit to a new level. Grateful to activate contemplative permaculture writing while sitting at the cabin desk of Henry David Thoreau and beside the small lake that inspired his poetic nature wisdom.

Here are a few of the new principles from Robin Clayfield. She provided bullet points and I polished into short statements which she reviewed and gave feedback on. Here are some unreleased principles from the new deck.

"Learning is finding out that you already know. Doing is demonstrating that you know it. Teaching is reminding others that they know just as well as you. You are all learners, doers, and teachers.

— Richard Bach

Grateful for an online mentorship session with extraordinary educator Graham Bell, chair of Permaculture Scotland. He reminded me that teachers open minds and hearts. That is not so much about filling people full of facts, as it is about supporting people to understand how things work.

Here are new cards inspired by Graham's teachings. He sent a list of principles which I wrote out and had him read for any feedback or edits. Here are some of the new unreleased principles that will appear in the new deck.

Awesome gratitude for supporting this initiative to make the new deck. As we work towards making it the best that we can, we continue to allow pre-orders on backerkit to raise funds for quality printing of an still expanding card set. 

A song of life from our garden to yours, may you have a healthy and abundant journey through this season. More updates to come. 

planted love

Delvin & Grace 

Sacred Site Pilgrimage
11 months ago – Sun, Sep 26, 2021 at 06:23:47 PM

May the road rise to meet you

Go n-éiri an bóthar leat

Dear Friends of our World 

We had the best ever time on our honeymoon permaculture pilgrimage to the Emerald Isle.

A 30 second little video shot at Mary Reynolds Gardens at Díseart Institute of Irish Spirituality

We were joyed to spend so much time at so many sacred sites. At each of them I took a bit of time to do editing and writing of the new Permaculture Design Deck. 

Here are a few of the locations to give you a vision of how inspiring the context for this work was :) 

Mary Reynolds Gardens at Díseart Institute of Irish Spirituality
Mary Reynolds Gardens at Brigid's Gardens - Gardín Bhríde
Glanleam Standing stone
Grange Stone Circle - Lios na Gráinsí
Piper's Stones - Clocha an Phíobaire
The Druids Altar - Drombeg Stone Circle
Uragh Stone Circle - Ciorcal Cloch Uragh
Lough Crew - Loch Craobh
Skellig Michael - Sceilig Mhichíl - St Fionan’s monastery - Cluain Eraird

We brought the deck box with us to ritually charnge it up too!

The Druids Circle - Kenmare

The writing is so clear and inspired. Joyed to have taken the project to a whole new level of awesome by ritualizing the writing and editing process. 

Ultra gratitude for supporting this initiave with a pre-order. We are truly grateful. 

bright eyed, 

Delvin & Grace

Delvin & Grace at Uragh Stone Circle

Pilgrimage to Permaculture Design Deck
11 months ago – Mon, Sep 06, 2021 at 07:35:21 AM

When humanity serves Nature, Nature serves humanity. When we serve animals and plants, they too serve us in return.”– Amma (Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi)

Grateful to activate the editing and writing of the new Permaculture Design Deck at sacred sites in the Emerald Isle as part of our honeymoon pilgrimage.

Amazing to be able to take time on holy sites like the Hill of Tara with a 5000 year history of ceremonial culture and sacred ritual. Tapping into the magic and inspiration provides an extraordinary context for creative insight and integrative work. 

Delvin & Grace at the Destiny Stone on the Hill of Tara.
Grace holds a posey of hawthorn, thistle, clover and yarrow over the Destiny Stone.
We were approached and gifted this goddess statue at one of our many pilgrimages to the Hill of Tara. Appropriate that it sits on the Destiny Stone, a fertility symbol on a site with a long history of druidic, wiccan and pagan ceremony.

This past month we also completed a short video from our interview with Susun Weed during the kickstrater campaign. Susun vastly expanded her 'Grounded Gardening' cards in the deck. 

Deepest of gratitude for your alliance in the work of permaculture. 

love from our garden to yours

Delvin & Grace Solkinson 

Together we manifested the miraculous !
about 1 year ago – Tue, Aug 03, 2021 at 10:51:45 AM

Profound joy of the heart is like a magnet that indicates the path of life.” ― Mother Teresa

Friends of the Earth 

Thanks to your generous alliance in this work, we have harnessed the power of co-operation through conscious crowdfunding and managed to achieve the impossible: unlocking a massive 260 card deck featuring core concepts of permaculture design learned from many elders, pioneers and visionaries. What an amazing journey its been from Litha to Lughnasadh. Six weeks of permaculture activations!

Bright eyed and joyful by the success of our kickstarter

Deepest of gratitude. We are amazed and thankful for this milestone accomplishment. As we flow into the creation phase we will continue to send short updates as we put the deck together with the help and mentorship of numerous permaculture pioneers. The two programs made during the campaign will also be shared: A webinar on Gamifying Education with Gaia University and a dialogue with permaculture pioneer Robin Clayfield, the core inspiration for the deck and a primary mentor for this new edition. 

Our hearts are full. 

The Solkinson's